Getting Back to the Office

After a year of change and adaptation, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As more of us are vaccinated, we can look forward to better days. For you, it may be gathering with family and friends to renew acquaintances and catch up on life’s changes. For us, it includes getting back to the office with the option to meet with our clients in person. After only a short time, I can personally say it is so good to meet with you face-to-face.

During the pandemic, business for many companies continued virtually – from the newly appointed kitchen and living room offices of their employees. It worked so well that we see a shift in how many companies view office locations and the 9 to 5 workday. Working remotely has become routine, and an office can be anyplace there is access to the internet. Worldwide, employers and employees are managing a new work-life balance.

As the world around us changes and technology advances, we are also adapting. Smedley Financial is adopting a flex schedule for our employees and expanding our ability to work with our clients. You now have the option to meet in person at our office, online via Zoom, or by phone.

The influence of technology in our business is extremely beneficial and helps us work more efficiently. It also provides you with fingertip access to your financial information. New tools, including an iPhone or Android app, allow you to view your accounts at your convenience.

Like many things, technology comes with some downsides. It is easier than ever for scammers to reach unsuspecting victims with nefarious activities. Recently, they have been using technology to impersonate advisors through email and by phone. Please remember, we will never reach out to you by email requesting personal information. Calls you receive from our office will display our company phone number 801-355-8888, even when our team members are working remotely.

Regardless of how we connect, our commitment to you remains the same. You will continue to have an exceptional experience and receive the highest level of service.

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