Just for Women Event Recap

By June 7, 20162016, Money Moxie, Newsletter

Thank you to all who came to enjoy a wonderful morning with Smedley Financial at our Just for Women event! We had a delightful time visiting with you and listening to the informative presenters. For those who missed the event, we include this recap.

Be Informed on Your Nutrition!
In one of our breakout sessions, we were fortunate to hear from Sarah Keil, a Registered Dietitian from Harmon’s, as she helped empower us to make more nutritious choices.

Sarah Keil

Sarah started by having us pick which cereal we thought was most nutritious. We were shocked when the one we assumed was the least healthy was actually the most healthy! It’s all about the labels.

These are a few of the things we learned:
• Look at ingredients (in descending order by weight).
• Look for vitamins and minerals that help you increase nutrients for your daily recommended value.
• Study the carbohydrate section to increase fiber and decrease sugars.
• Limit sodium, saturated, and trans fats–reducing your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
• Look at percentages of daily value to determine if foods are high or low in nutrients. Anything over 20% is high (good or bad). These are based on consuming 2,000 calories per day so you may have to make adjustments for yourself.
• Nutrition facts are based on a serving of the food, but these servings and the number of servings per container may not be what we expect.

Get Started with Container Planting!
Becky Pulver from J&J Garden Center guided us on some great ways to add color and pop to our porch, deck, or window. She showed us that container planting is a simple and beautiful idea.

Becky Pulver

To make your container stunning, remember these tips:

1. Choose plants based on where your container will be placed, i.e. sun or shade.
2. Use 1 plant for every 2 inches of pot size. For example: A 12 inch pot will use 6 plants.
3. When selecting plants use this simple formula:
Thriller – An attention getter for the center or
back of the container.
Filler – A mounding and spreading plant to fill
in the top of the container.
Spiller – A cascading plant that will spill over
the edges of the container.
4. Fertilizing and watering are the most important things you can do for your new container.
5. Water every day during the summer.

Stay Active!
Julie Roberts, NP at IHC LiVe Well Center of Salt Lake, presented insightful and fun ways for people to remain active throughout their lives.

Julie Roberts

Where to start? Find your motivation. Whether it is to lose weight, keep up with grandchildren, help with depression, reduce high blood pressure, reduce stress, or just be healthier, whatever your reason, find it and stick to it.

Change your mindset about exercise. Exercise needs to be a part of your daily life, just as brushing your teeth. Move more. Sit less. Make time to allow your body the benefits of an enjoyable 30 minutes of exercise.

Studies now show that it is better to be overweight with an active lifestyle than it is to be at an average weight with no activity. This information is valuable for everyone; each of us should spend more time becoming active every day for a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Amanda Dickson

Amanda Dickson

Our key note speaker, Amanda Dickson, was one of the highlights of our time spent together. She regaled us with some of her life’s lessons, thoughts that impact every one of us.

Amanda reminded us that life is too short to surround ourselves with negative people. She also reminded us that we need to be positive with ourselves, focusing on the good we do each day, and the value of having a best friend that we can give our support to as well as receive support from. Amanda shared one way that she handles the emotional side of challenges in her life by telling herself: It’s Going To Be Okay (IGBOK).

Overall, we shared a wonderful day with each of you. Thank you for your feedback regarding our Just for Women community. Watch for more information regarding Smedley Financial’s Just for Women.

The Road Home Logo

Thank you for your generosity

With your generous aid, we were able to provide countless supplies to the Road Home Shelter. Your donations, dropped off after the Just for Women event, will help sustain women and children staying at the Road Home as they work to get back on their feet.

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