Becoming Financially Aware

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

Over the years, people I randomly see will almost always ask my opinion about the market, gold, the economy, etc. They might say that they successfully got out of the market, but they never knew when to get back in. As a result they never did get back in the market.

I simply tell these good folks that “making those tough decisions is exactly what we do for our clients at Smedley Financial.”

Our best clients are those that have a good financial education. By that I mean they understand what we are striving to do for them in terms of protecting and growing their wealth. This is all done with respect to our clients’ goals, resources, ages, and risk tolerances. We don’t want our clients to outlive their resources. We want their money to last as long as they do!

Investment management and financial planning are not simply one-time events, but rather they are ongoing, living, and dynamic processes. Regular communications and visits are more essential than ever with respect to life’s events, financial and otherwise.

We invite you to come in and see us or call us so that we can be of the most service and benefit to you.

Bullish Best Wishes,

Roger M. Smedley, CFP®

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