Our Team

Roger M. Smedley, CFP®


Roger's visionary abilities and years of experience have helped steer the client centered philosophy that the Smedley Financial Team follows today. He understands ...
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Sharla J. Jessop, CFP®

President and Private Wealth Management Consultant

Sharla serves as President of Smedley Financial. Prior to that, she was Vice-President of Marketing. Sharla directs the Wealth Management Team and has over 27 years of experience helping ...
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James R. Derrick, CFA®, BFATM, MBA

Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist

James is the Chief Investment Strategist for Smedley Financial's actively managed and quantitative investment portfolios and heads the Smedley Financial investment committee. James focuses on ...
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Shane P. Thomas

IT Specialist and Institutional Advisor Relations

Shane serves as IT Specialist for Smedley Financial Services, coordinating all of the internal electronic and information systems. His information systems background makes him uniquely...
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Mikal B. Aune, CFP®

Vice President of Wealth Management

Mikal works directly with Smedley Financial's clients providing wealth management strategies.

Mikal joined Smedley Financial in 2006 and is our ...
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Leah Nelson

Private Wealth Consultant

Leah joined Smedley Financial in 2018. She graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelor's degree in Personal Financial Planning. She is passionate about helping others and ...
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Jordan Hadfield, BFATM

Private Wealth Consultant

Jordan joined the Smedley Financial team in 2018. He graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelor's degree in Personal Financial Planning and is ...
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Lynette Watts

Client Service Specialist

Lynette joined Smedley Financial over 10 years ago. Her outgoing personality and willingness to serve our clients makes her a valuable asset to our ...
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Nashaela Lyons

Client Service Specialist

Nashaela joined Smedley Financial in 2013. Her enthusiastic personality is evident in all that she does. Her responsiveness to client needs and attention to
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